Impressionistic paintwork and miniature drawing, meets bold Victorian & late 20th century architecture within this collection.

Encompassing ideas from outside of the jewellery realm, her graduate collection draws from illustration, great painters such as Monet and Klimt, as well as from old dioramic books. Drawing and painting are integral parts of her own creative process, so much so that she has developed a way to incorporate them into her jewellery.

‘Glasshouses’ is informed by the architecture of the Kew Gardens glasshouses and how these structures contrast with the abundance of botanical life trapped within. She strives to capture the overwhelming beauty of this combination through crafting together intricately pierced silver, laser cut clear acrylic and hand-painted resin. Each resin sheet is individually detailed with pen and painted by hand in green and blue hues, reflecting scenes of palms, ferns and trailing vines.

This collection is very much wearable art; celebrating the curious attraction we have to the collection of plants.