Botanical collection is inspired by both the beauty and chaos of gardens; specifically glasshouses and how these structures encase an abundance of plant life. Holly strives to capture this combination using hand-painted scenes encased inside eco-resin; often combined with contrastingly minimal or intricately pierced metalwork. The translucent nature of the materials allows light to penetrate and play through the pieces; highlighting details within the paintwork and reflecting the layered, ephemeral elements of glasshouses.

The methods used in the production of her work mean that each piece is a completely unique item of wearable art.

This gallery contains works from this collection which are currently available at a range of shops/galleries, or which have sold. Feel free to take inspiration from what you see here and contact Holly with a commission, or click the link below to see what is currently available.

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“These pieces are like tiny secret gardens; intense turquoises, soft greens and pastel blues…I just want to get lost inside their little painted worlds”

Client at Living Crafts 2017, Hatfield House