Past Works

Winter Garden – 2016

Inspired by the other-wordly feel of entering greenhouses & glasshouses. They are also the perfect combination of organic and architecural forms, something that this collection aims to explore.

These pieces are crafted from resin containing layers of watercolour paintings, with leafy oxidised copper details on the surface.



Frost Collection – 2015

A series of silver textured pendants and earrings inspired by leafy forms and frosty hedges.

Silver, polypropylene & plastidip.



Hand Pollinators – 2015

This collection highlights the issue of the decline in pollinator insect populations across the world. We rely so unthinkingly on these tiny creatures to pollinate so much of the fruit and vegetables we see on our supermarket shelves, but soon we may struggle to grow many of these foods at all. Set with little brushes and inspired by the shapes of insects, these pieces are to aid in the hand pollination of plants and crops, a procedure which is already in place in some orchards in China where pollinator populations are incredibly low.